Personalization and Trust for the Internet of Agriculture

  • Dec 09, 2020
  • By Joshua Macalinao
    The introduction of mobile devices connected to the internet has gave human civilization the opportunity to build a truly global economy. Our internet economy is built upon robust networks that have exponentially grown and matured since its mainstream global adoption in the 90s. Consumer and enterprise technology companies have been at the bleeding edge of this modern renaissance, and have been dominating our economy since their inception. During the first wave of the internet in the 1990s, Amazon and eBay became the first instances of “stuff” online that consumers could buy. The burst of the tech bubble in the late 90s and early 2000s spurred off the second wave of the internet in the form of social media (Web 2.0). During this era, Facebook and Twitter established themselves as main staples in our society. The 2008 economic recession catalyzed the synthesis of the “sharing economy” (Web 3.0). Uber and Airbnb represent this third wave of the internet, which is the online world moving into the offline world. Essentially, Web 3.0 is the internet moving into your neighborhood. Today, Nabu Market sits at the nexus between Web 3.0 and the burgeoning 4th wave of the internet, the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Nabu Market constitutes the Internet of Agriculture, which enables local farms and communities to instantly connect online.

    With a vision of unlocking liquidity and enabling a localized internet economy, Nabu Market will allow local farms and communities to:

Compete: Farms compete with each other online to sell their produce directly to consumers.

Match: Consumers make buying decisions based on their location and match with farms in their zip code.

Trust: Our personalized user experience is designed to foster more trust between farmers and consumers.

     At its core, Nabu Market is an online and mobile two-sided marketplace where different farms compete with each other to sell their locally grown produce to consumers. This allows consumers to use Nabu Market as a service and tool to make better purchasing decisions for themselves and their community at large.

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