Small In Size. Big in Efficiency.

  • Dec 30, 2020
  • By Joshua Macalinao
    The technological advancements in automation for the agriculture industry is burgeoning a modern day agriculture revolution. BlueStar Greens, a local microgreen farm, is accelerating this revolution with their proprietary software and hardware.

This excerpt is from
"Intelligent Grow Centers will be set up inside warehouse-type facilities with light-industrial zoning designations and with easy access to South Florida main highways. Each facility size will be approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of which 2,000 sq. ft. will be allocated for growing microgreens and 500 sq. ft. for office and storage space. 

Our system needs fewer employees, provides time savings from automation, allows quick access to information in real-time to facilitate operational and business decisions. It also helps maintain our quality assurance and production levels."

    BlueStar Greens leverages soilless hydroponic and aeroponic technology to grow their microgreens in an automated indoor controlled environment. NASA and MIT initially developed aeroponics to run experiments on food production in low-earth orbit on the International Space Station. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. BlueStar Greens has essentially developed a "food computer" that uses integrated sensor based technology to track and monitor their microgreens environment conditions, nutrient solutions, and plant health indicators via the internet in real-time. All of this data is stored on a "Master Controller" on the cloud.

The "Master Controller" closely manages the following systems: 

  • Nutrient system - to maintain the nutrient solution composition within specifications for an optimum growing environment
  • Delivery system - to effectively transport nutrient solution from a central storage location to each individual plant
  • Light system - to deliver optimum photon levels;
  • Network sensing system - to capture air temperature, humidity, ventilation rate, light level, airspeed, carbon dioxide, nutrient pH, electro-conductivity and many other specific plant parameters.

    At we believe entrepreneurs like Roger Aspinwall of BlueStar Greens are pushing the boundaries of what's currently possible with technology and food today. We are proud to partner with such an innovative local farm. You can find and contact BlueStar Greens by using our Farm Finder. In the spirit of the infamous Marc Andreessen, "Software eats agriculture".

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